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Current Offer : Bring a friend/ or group – split cost of the  12 week course – valid until Friday 9pm (pst)

This course is for intermediate to advanced leveled experience in entertainment and creative entrepreneurship. A hyper results driven course.

Prerequisites: Previous reel time industry experience, classroom, or “other field” experience.
  • Entertainment industry & Creative Business professionals wanting to breakthrough and are committed to creating results in their lives, relationships, and career.
  • One-On-One accountability
  • Deeper awareness of self and what’s holding you back
  • How are you showing up? On set, in business, in relationships, in the audition room, in your life etc…
  • Become a leader in your industry and see accelerated tangible results
  • Have project completion within 6 weeks
  • Be Seen and Be Powerful
  • This course is not easy. It is rigorous, creative, empowering, and it will drive you.
You will learn:
  • Highly affective and applicable leadership skills and principles
  • Project Development (scripts, scenes, literature, film, speaking, being seen etc..)
  • Breakdown / Breakthrough and results toward your vision
  • Build community and high level relationships
  • Vision and Mission principles to keep you focused
  • Build relationships with Agents, Directors, Casting Directors, etc..
  • Form highly affective habits that will get you noticed and respected
  • Advanced communication skills that will get you what you want and where you want be
  • Professional support: There will be opportunities for you to work with other successful creatives in this course as I bring in peers and colleagues that are working in your desired field. (This module is unavailable with discounts or promo codes)