How to restart and get out of “stuck”!

How to restart and get out of “stuck”!

by | Aug 2, 2021 | Blog

We all feel it on occasion STUCK!  We can “blame it on the rain”… unfortunately that didn’t work too well for Milli Vanilli. I know I am dating myself … and in my defense, I was very young when they were around. We could blame it on the moon, full or new, or mercury in retrograde. While I am a huge believer in the importance of being in connection to the earth and elements there is one component that we often neglect to look at… first. 

What is that component…?


and how we relate to the given circumstances. There is freedom in always asking this question first. 

  1. How am I responsible?
  2.  How am I reacting/ relating to the given circumstances? Which are, in a way, a great source of feedback for us.
  3. How can I shift my ‘way of being” in order to affect or cause a different outcome?

While all of these questions deserve their own individual blog and a full course in order to address them, and by the way, I have a big event coming up so keep an eye out for forthcoming information about the event on AUGUST 30th.

Today I want to highlight 10 steps you can take right now to shift the outcome and direction you are going whether immediate circumstances or long term.

sun rays coming through trees


1) GROUNDING: First take a breath and acknowledge how you are responding to any situation. Acknowledge your feelings and the behavior caused by the feelings. Breathe and let go. Acknowledging your feelings is essential. This is the amazing practice of STOICISM. And it works. It works for leaders, parents, teachers, students, creatives… yes pretty much everyone. Keep in mind that all your feelings are justified, they are in fact YOUR feelings and it is your reaction or actions that are important. 


2) AFFIRMATIONS: I know this is old news but they work! This is tried and true. When I am feeling in the mud, down, or unmotivated; I commit to waking up in the morning with 10 solid affirmations and I do it again at night before bed. When I am in a moment of feeling tension or in my “racket” mentality I acknowledge it and I see hear and feel it, and then I shift the self-talk. What my mind was telling me to feel was 

– I am not good enough.

– There’s not enough time, money, jobs, love… etc…

– I hope they like me.

– There’s just no way.


Now shift.

– I am powerful woman in white and black tank top and blue denim jeans sitting on chair

— I am powerful

I am generous. 

– I am light.

– I am admired and appreciated.

– I am abundant. 

Just by writing these now, my entire energy has shifted. How about you writing your ten affirmations in the comment below and let us know how you have shifted. 



3) FIND EVIDENCE OF YOUR OWN MAKING: How have I been a participant or what decisions did I make to cause this situation. This is a tough one but there is freedom in it. I certainly have my Hollywood stories of how I felt taken for granted or betrayed… absolutely. And they were incredible learning lessons. The biggest lesson was how to move forward, knowing, that what was ahead was so much greater than the chaos created by the “needing to be right”. Once I cleared the chaos and bad energy… I was free. 

The following statement has been said by me to a few people. Most of the time it’s in my own head, but I have said it to a couple of people out loud. 

“ I get to go away from this situation and I GET to spend the rest of the day and the rest of my life with ME! You, on the other hand, unfortunately for you,  HAVE TO go and spend the rest of the day and

the rest of your life with YOU.” – Brionne Davis  

Ha! I know it may sound a bit harsh and honest, and still, the idea is there. The idea is that I am my own version of joy and happiness and am willing to shift myself rather than trying to “change” someone else. I am also willing to shift my way of being so that I may create better results in the relationship, future, environment, and overall health.

4) NO BLAME, SHAME, PAIN, GUILT: Oh we love to feel guilty about feeling guilty. We love to feel shame around being ashamed. I say NAAAAH! Cut it out! It takes incredible strength and vulnerability to admit your feelings and to express your emotions in a way that is healthy. We all feel the feels, it’s a beautiful part of being human and certainly essential for the creative. 

5) GENEROSITY: Go and give your service, make a call to that old friend or family member. Donate something your time, your money, your listening ear. SEE MY BLOG ON GENEROSITY.

6) BE IN THE NOW: Our minds protect us from the future based on our interpretation of the past which in turn can potentially create a false interpretation of the future. All of our life is an experience. My emotions are my experience based on past events. I get triggered for various reasons because of my past circumstances. I have the power right NOW to change this. If you’ve never read THE POWER OF NOW! Please do. It’s an incredible reminder of how powerful the present moment can be.

7) EXPRESS GRATITUDE: When we are uncomfortable we are growing, stretching, and evolving. It is my opinion that too much “comfortableness” is more destructive than discomfort. The gratitude we can express for sore muscles after an intense workout is powerful, or we could just complain, the muscles are growing and getting stronger… find gratitude for their work. When we catch ourselves caught up in complaining, confusion, needing to be right, or comparison; it really helps to express gratitude and celebrate your wins no matter how small these may seem in the moment… you can shift everything by just saying… “Thank you for this uncomfortable situation. I know I am growing from it.” And on the other side is elevated confidence, and an even more powerful you.

8) LET GO: Yea… back up, breathe and go hang out with friends, build your community, go spend some time in nature, and turn off your phone. Then be open to what the universe brings you.


  • If you are feeling disconnected, reach out to a  friend or friends and connect. Create the opportunity to fill your “need”
  • If you are feeling scarcity or lack in your life, then go volunteer somewhere that could benefit from your beautiful gifts.
  • If you are feeling sad, then go and offer joy in someone else’s life.
  • If you are feeling cluttered, go and clean your house, room, office or clean up the trash on the beach.
  • The list goes on…


10) It’s available just not currently in your possession: Often what we feel is missing or unavailable in our lives is not really missing or unavailable. It’s always somewhere we just get to go get it. One of my favorite quotes from director Jennifer DeLia in our series UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVE BEAST (go here to get full access to the series)

A quote from Jen Delia:

“It’s been a crazy day… I ran out of gas going down hill in Topanga Canyon. I was so calm, though… it was wierd… running out of gas… WTF? Then I just relaxed  further took a breath and realized I didn’t run out of gas… it was just somehwere else and I had to go get it.”- Jennifer DeLia 

How we percieve our circumstances is everything.

Thank you for reading and having the courage to put yourself first so that others can benefit from your truth and authentic magic. If you would like support and are interested in taking your life to the next level. Let’s connect.

Check out my LEADERSHIP FOR CREATIVES COURSE HERE and let’s work together to build wings that will make you fly!!


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