LET’S TALK A BOUT SEX – Watch your Life Garden grow

LET’S TALK A BOUT SEX – Watch your Life Garden grow

by | Aug 24, 2021 | Blog


The Sacral Chakra is located just above the pubic bone and is responsible for passion, sexuality, intimacy, money, creativity, and joy. That’s right, and I am of the mind that if our sexuality, sex drive, sensuality is blocked then so is our creativity, passion, and fullest joy.

I recently interviewed one of my favorite people in the world, A’magine Godard,  a sex educator and all-around powerhouse of a human. And we dove right into how our creativity is directly connected to our Sacral Shakra and the limitations in which shame, fear, guilt among other things can limit our ability to live a full and adventurous life.  {Get the full 21-day series plus workbook UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVE BEAST SHOW to see the full episode and 20 other amazing interviews)

“We talk about sex here, and when we talk about it, it frees us, and well, sex and life is just better.”- Àmagine

I was so excited to connect with A’magine for our interview and thrilled to dive in and get even more connected with my sexual energy and power that I signed up for one of her classes. “Dirty talk”, “Toys”, and


Marlon Brando, Jimmy Dean… on the cover of a magazine- Yes, thank you, Madonna! Well, you get the picture. These Iconic symbols are all about sensuality, sexuality, and creative power. And for us to fully live free and creative we must move beyond any blocks we have in this area of our lives.

I’m not saying freedom without responsibility. A big world orgy would be fun… HA HA! Probably not the most responsible of things to do. And yet, wouldn’t it be great if we could live that freely, that unguarded, that courageously.

There are many ill-effects to being blocked around our sacral chakra. Among them are as follows:

  • Stifled or blocked creative flow
  • Jealousy/ Comparison
  • A lack of self-esteem
  • A lack of trust in your own choices in regard to your art
  • Jeopardizing your own unique vision resulting in “unoriginal”

These are just some of the effects on which your art could be stifled by restricting sexual energy. Other areas of your life may also be affected; relationships, environment, career, finances, and even spirituality.man and woman sitting down on brown carpet near tent surrounded by lights

Here are some beneficial exercises that you can explore to see if your creativity / sexual energy is blocked.

  1. YOGA: How flexible are you in your hip, groin, inner thigh, hamstring muscles? You might just chalk this up to limited exercise or “I’ve just never been flexible”. However, when we begin to stretch these areas or include a yoga routine into our schedule with a focus in this area we’ll discover emotional release that can often make us feel elated, or cry. It’s because over time we have held tension here from past pain experiences, emotional or physical trauma.
  2. Observing self: When you encounter another person and that person is attracted or attractive to you do you restrict your behavior in any of the following ways; close off or slump your shoulders, does your groin area become stiff, does your voice become restricted or does your throat tighten, or do you start looking for all the things that might be wrong with the person? These are all different parts of your chakra system at work to protect you.
  3. Creatively: Do you often search for approval or reserve your own opinion in a creative expression? Do you wait to be told what to do or do you take initiative in your work? Do you have outlets outside of your work or home that evoke creation, an idea, or vision from intangible to tangible? Do you often say “That is not possible” or are you of the “Everything is possible” philosophy?
  4. Environment:  Do you have plants growing in your home, garden, or patio? Are your walls bare or cluttered? Bare or drab walls can reflect a bare or drab creative life. A cluttered wall can reflect covering up or chaotic energy.
  5. Thought Process: When you are with your partner do you spend more time asking or discussing the possibilities of what you’d like to create together? Or do you spend more time in suspicion, isolation, or on your phone? What self-talk dominates your relationship with yourself?

YOU CAN ALSO CHECK OUT A’MAGINES WEBSITE and go even deeper with your exploration of sensuality. I highly recommend any of her classes.


This goes for guys too. In fact, I would say if more guys did this the sexual imbalance in our culture would shift drastically toward more balanced.

  1. Yoga
  2. Relaxation/ Breathing
  3. Exercises not just physical but also mental exercises and emotional exercises
  4. Self Dates: Take yourself on a romantic date, fix yourself up, go out to a nice place sit at the bar and just spend some time with yourself. Do this once a week for 3 months. You’ll be surprised how things shift for you.
  5. If the date goes well (which I hope it does) bring yourself home, light some candles, put on some music, draw a bath and then love yourself. YEP, I MEAN LUUUUV yourself.
  6. Daily: Tell yourself loving and romantic things throughout the day. “Your so beautiful” ” I love what you’re wearing” “Hey Sexy” — it may be hard at first but soon you’ll start shifting.


When we moved into our home I knew I needed some fire energy so I painted our walls a hombre design of orange, red, and yellow. The energy was elevated right away. My partner and I are both fire signs so we are usually in agreement on creative choices. Let’s just say the home energy began to vibrate with love, growth, communication, and possibilty.

We have a garden. Initially, when we moved into the house the yard was full of weeds, 4 feet tall. Collectively we began to imagine what was possible and created a vibrant utopia. The time we had at home during covid allowed us to build and create a beautiful pallet upon which nurture daily. Even before we found the place where we are now living we Visualized and then it came to life.

Anyway, I am a big home body. I also feel that the other components of my life and the creativity within those arenas are in direct relation to how I love and treat myself. There are many places for which we can take one step in the direction of a hyper-creative and powerful life experience.

Put some sex energy into these places and watch your




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