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Do you remember David Mills (Brad Pitt) at the end of the movie “7” screaming out into the vast desert “WHAT’S IN THE BOX!!!?”

I was a kid when I saw that film for the first time. It terrified me. We saw in the distance as John Doe (Kevin Spacey) eerily watched in glee, and Brad Pitt’s character unnerved in horror to what he suspected might be “In the box”. Well, that terror is kind of what we are discussing today. Except… it’s in the “blocks”. The things that hold you back,  you may not be quite aware of …but deep down you know! My opinion of Kevin Spacey on a personal level is in no regard flattering. He is/was an incredible actor and my opinion of his person is not in any way celebrated here. He obviously, had some blocks too… and his career tanked. A very unfortunate circumstance for such a talent and sad for all of us who were thrilled to see his performances.

Do you really want to know…?

You’re “blocks”, I mean?

Well, it takes a lot of courage, openness, and curiosity to open it and look inside. While David Mills was certainly in an unfortunate and horrifying position it doesn’t have to be so for us. It does take some courage to look inside, support from others in your community, a trusted mentor that offers constructive feedback. And when you do… look at inside… you’ll find some light, power, and breakthrough to your next level.

The thing that makes each of us unique is “our life experience”. In general, we are all very much the same (See Maslow’s hierarchy of needs). It is the experiences we have had that have shaped us into who we are today. The tools you used to survive, up until now, may no longer serve you. So let’s take a look at a few blocks. Again, these are only a few… to get your juices flowing.

  1. TRUST: Have you ever caught yourself feeling guarded or needing to put up boundaries to protect yourself? Perhaps your life experiences included betrayal, lies, or people that have left you behind in some way. The inability to trust has deep consequences. There are a few ways we can strengthen our ability to trust. A) Letting go of EXPECTATIONS B) Knowledge of and having a clear VISION of what you want. C) Stepping into COURAGE and have a willingness to fail. D) Build your circle with people who elevate you, tell them what you NEED and WANT from them (respect, to be heard, to be admired, etc…) yea… go ahead… ask for it! It is in the most intimate relationships that we can begin to expand and then generate a greater capacity of service to others. E) Treat yourself with the same level of standards in which you WANT/ NEED from others. It really begins there… with you. Do you trust yourself? I can support you with building a powerful and elevated self… the amazing creative beast that you are.
  2. SCARCITY: Oh boy… the thought that there’s not enough. Keeping score or keeping collateral of your “generosity”… Yea… that system no longer serves you. It is actually counterproductive and prevents the flow and abundance you wish to achieve.
  3. MONEY IS BAD: AGGGHHHHH!!!! No, it’s not! It’s actually really good and an essential part of living in freedom in this 3D world we’re in. You deserve to have it because you are generous. Because you have a gift to give and you want to contribute to the lives of others.
  4. JUDGING OTHERS: Stop right now! This is reflective of you… and how you perceive others is often how you perceive yourself. The people that I know or have helped that are supercritical or judgmental of others are usually hiding in the corner, and terrified of making a mistake. I challenge you to A) See the most amazing attributes in others B) Admire someone for failing or looking foolish C) ELevate people with your comments and support. What you will find in return, is a braver, more loving, and self admired person in you. (This category comes with other monsters such as perfectionism, hyper-critical of self and others, and entitlement).
  5. LETTING GO OF MECHANICS: We often identify ourselves with a routine, a process, a way of being. We wake up one day and face the reality that while, once upon a time, this mechanic served us and the harsh reality and beautiful awareness is that —- it is time to let it go.  This could be a job, a relationship, a morning routine, a drug, etc… It’s time to take some committed action and change it up. I promise, that you will feel lighter, freer, and far more productive. It may be a bit of a challenge at first… but the end result is worth it.

These are just 5 blocks of a great many.

What are some things that you may consider blocks? Write in the comments below or take some time out to journal today and let’s move some things away so we can go boldly into our most creative, powerful, and free selves.

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  • Professional support: There will be opportunities for you to work with other successful creatives in this course as I bring in peers and colleagues that are working in your desired field.



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